Rebuttal of Mosaic Puff Piece

This link is to a rebuttal of the Mosaic Fertilizer’s aren’t we wonderful articles that appeared in an earlier edition of the Arcadian newspaper. That article (parts 1 &2) can be reviewed in a 01-29-19 post on this website. The rebuttal was prepared by Andy Mele of Suncoast Waterkeepers

Arcadian, February 7, 2019, page A21.

Mosaic Interview Parts 1 & 2

This is a link to the articles (Parts 1 and 2) in the Arcadian January 17, 2019 and January 24, 2019, both on the front page A01. An interview with Russell Schweiss, Mosaic’s vice president for Mine Permitting, Land Management and Public Affairs. How many comments do YOU agree with?

See What’s Happening Out There

A letter in the Arcadian Jan 24, 2019, page A-4 in response to a previous interview with Mosaic on mining in Desoto County


See what’s happening out there

Mr. Garrett, I think you need to step out of your office and check out the protests and commissioners’ meetings in other counties, because the citizens certainly don’t welcome Mosaic with open arms (Arcadian Jan. 17). Hundreds have attended or marched in opposition. The type of fertilizer application Mosaic promotes has proven detrimental to our waterways, and considering the effects on our local fisheries, is not feeding the world. The world is fed by small farms. Sustainable farming is much less harmful to the environment.

Mosaic’s VP described a Ft. Meade that is prosperous. Yet within the city center, building vacancy rate is 27.4 percent, higher than 92.9 percent of U.S. neighborhoods. Some 18.8 percent live in poverty. This doesn’t sound prosperous to me.

Mosaic has proven itself to be a poor neighbor to those who live nearby, or were forced to move due to the loss of their quality of life. The first-hand stories I have heard are heart-breaking. Mr. Schweiss brags about Mosaic’s environmental safety record, contradicted by witness accounts, and most seriously displayed by their long delay in reporting the massive gypstack sinkhole, which he tries to divert attention from. Sinkholes in regions that are mined are not a coincidence, as Mosaic’s massive use of water is not mentioned either, nor are the outflows pumping diluted pollutants into our precious creeks. Rick Scott’s DEP has removed and lowered protections, and I am proud of our own commissioners for protecting our beautiful DeSoto County. Informed people don’t greet bullies with open arms. Behind Mosaic’s glad-handing stands a big bully.

Sarah Hollenhorst


Desoto County Attorney’s Remarks

For those who were unable to attend the Board Of County Commissioner’s meeting in Arcadia on 12-11-2018, here is a recording of the County Attorney, Donald D. Conn, as he presents his comments regarding the selection of Special Magistrate and the nuances of the mediation process between Mosaic and the County:

Also, this link will take you to the Florida Statutes, Chapter 70, that Attorney Conn refers to in his remarks.  The Statute is about Private Property Rights Protection and plays a significant role in what is taking place in Desoto County:

Two BOCC Meetings Coming Up -DeSoto & Hardee

The BOCCs of DeSoto and Hardee Counties will be meeting on phosphate mining matters. As always, continued public appearance at these meetings is vital to show the decision makers that the devastation of mining is NOT acceptable and NOT supported by the citiz

Desoto County Board  is meeting December 11 (Tuesday) at 3pm and at 6:30pm in  Board chambers in Arcadia

As we understand this, the Board and Mosaic have agreed to a Special Magistrate for the mediation process but have not yet negotiated an agreement for services.  The County staff and Mosaic legal dept. are working on “key points” to be used for working toward a settlement once the magistrate is hired.  At the Board meeting the county attorney is expected to present the key points for discussion and comment.  It would be good to attend this meeting to show continuing interest and support for the Commissioner’s decision to reject Mosaic’s rezoning request.

NOTE:  This a a confusing gathering in that the county attorney’s report is apparently going to be delivered at the end of the 3pm meeting time, not the 6:30pm meeting as previously understood.  If you want to make public comment, it appears you must file out a comment time request card prior to the 3pm time.  Not sure when public comment will be heard.  Good luck to us all.

Hardee County BOCC meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2019 at 8:30am in Wauchula

Mosaic is requesting to mine an additional 8,000 acres of what’s left of Hardee County.  Let’s pack the chambers to show the outrage this continued avarice is manifesting in the citizens of Hardee and Florida.  News article for your reading pleasure:

Mine Expansion in Hardee

More detail on the venues for these meetings can be found in the Events page of this website.