Mosaic Idles Hardee County Mine

This article from the Hardee County newspaper The Herald Advocate Sept 6, 2018 discusses the “temporary” closure of the South Pasture Mine and the impact on jobs. Note the comment at the end of the article regarding increased supply from China, Saudi Arabia and Morocco through increased production. Does this portend continuing disruptions in Mosaic’s ability to compete? Florida has only a fraction of the phosphate rock that is available worldwide. Will it become too costly for Mosaic to mine in Florida? What happens then?

Idle Mines

DeSoto Rejects New Mosaic Mine

DeSoto County rejects new Mosaic phosphate mine, surprising even mining foes

Tampa Bay Times News Roundup – Craig Pittman

Updated: July 26, 2018 at 12:41 PM

The world’s largest phosphate company, Mosaic Co., lost its bid Wednesday night to open a new mine on 18,000 acres of land near one of the state’s most pristine creeks.

After hearing impassioned testimony from hundreds of people over the course of two days, the DeSoto County Commission voted 4-1 Wednesday to reject Mosaic’s request to change the zoning on its property from agricultural to mining.