A New Mosaic Agreement

A New Mosaic Agreement

Last week’s edition of the Herald Advocate provided a thorough a history of the Care Sync story until the present failure. We as citizens and observers of this saga over the past few years have truly puzzled at how large amounts of money have been repeatedly sunk into this project despite unfulfilled promises, like dumping money into a black hole. Continue reading “A New Mosaic Agreement”

Hardee County BOCC Public Meeting – Attendance is Vital – July 9 and 10, 2018

To all 3PR members and associates.
The hearing to decide the huge Ona mine will be held July 9 and 10 from 3pm to whenever it ends, on both days, Monday and Tuesday.  Decisions will be made on these important items:
1. How much financial compensation (Economic Mitigation) the county will be able to get for the future economic losses due to degraded farmland and development potential.
2. A Major Special Exception, or rezoning of 28,000 acres from agriculture to strip mining.
3. Whether to approve the 28,000 acre mining of natural and agricultural lands.
We need your showing and arguments, whatever they may be. We know that very few benefit from phosphate strip mining and many are harmed in one way or another, including future generations deprived of their historical and natural heritage. The hearing is at:
Hardee County Board of County Commissioners Chambers
Room 102
Courthouse Annex
412 West Orange Street
Wauchula, FL
You can contact Brooks or Dennis
863-558-1588 or 863-494-4687
In DeSoto County, a float is being prepared to participate in the 4th of July parade in Arcadia starting at 9 AM, downtown. Call  or text Sarah if you want to be in the parade with 3PR and Friends of Horse Creek. 863-244-1663.

Letters to the Arcadian Newspaper – June 14, 2018

Letters to the Arcadian June 14, 2018

More letters to the Arcadian June 14, 2018

Side note to Debbie Taylor re your comment about how important phosphate is to get clothes clean.  Phosphates were banned from use back in the early 1970s due to extreme environmental damage from water runoff into our water system.  And yet, our clothes still get clean.