T. Mims Petition – Mosaic Mega-WUP

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Re: Petition for Hearing on the Approval of Individual Water Use Permit 20011400.025 also known as “Integrated Water Use Permit (IWUP)” issued to Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC, Permit Issue Date February 28,2012.
The T. Mims Corporation of Lakeland, a large land-owner, has petitioned the Florida Administrative Law court alleging serious irregularities in Mosaic’s proposed “Integrated Water Use Permit” (loosely known as “Mega-WUP”) which would allow world’s largest producer of phosphate fertilizer to withdraw 69 million gallons per day (MPG) from our (Florida’s) aquifer to satisfy their demand for water to run their mining and fertilizer production operations. The petition includes a 15-page review of the proposed SWFWMD permit by Mike Cotter, P.E. Among the allegations contained in the petition are numerous data on the negative effects of phosphate mining on the groundwater table and wetlands on properties surrounding the mines.