Half-Page Sunday Lakeland Ledger Color Ad

I have attached a PDF image of a 1/2 page color ad that the “Environmental Plaintiffs” (Sierra Club, Manasota-88, and 3PR) ran in last Sunday’s Lakeland Ledger explaining our position in the Mosaic/Corps of Engineers federal lawsuit.

This was in response to a full page ad Mosaic had run the week before. Their position is that they cannot mine the upland portion of the South Fort Meade Extension without destroying wetlands, therefore they have no alternative but to lay off all their workers at the South Fort Meade Mine until the case is adjudicated – which supposedly is going to wreak economic havoc on central Florida.

This ad is a variation on the previous ad I distributed which appeared in The Arcadian, however, it’s more concise and more cautious too.

We invite you to distribute this ad widely so that the people of Florida can know the truth about phosphate mining and how Mosaic conducts their business.


Dennis Mader
Pres. 3PR