Welcome to the 3PR Website

The purpose of this website is education about phosphate strip mining. The citizens of the Central Florida Phosphate District, also known as Bone Valley, should know all of the facts concerning this major impact. The phosphate industry in Bone Valley is essentially one company, called Mosaic. Mosaic will not tell you the entire truth of their phosphate mining impact.We must educate ourselves as citizens and let our elected officials who make the permit decisions know how we think and feel. The industry allocates millions of dollars hoping to influence the local community as well as to buy propaganda advertisement, which we call “greenwashing”. Desoto County is new territory for potential phosphate mining. As the counties that already have phosphate mining show, there is little to gain and much to lose from this strip mining. We believe that all future permitting of phosphate strip mining and fertilizer processing must be stopped. Ultimately it is we as citizens who must hold our county commissioners and other elected representatives accountable to do their job of representing the people. Please browse our website, become informed and then involved.

Piney Point is NOT an anomaly. This industry is devastating areas across the nation.
PSA #1 explaining what is phosphogypsum and how it is impacting local communities, public health, and the environment.
This PSA explains the impacts to radioactive phosphogypsum toxic waste stacks due to climate change and rising sea levels.
Full recap of Phoshopygpsum Online Public Workshop from March 8, 2021

The Peace River Heartland

Hardee, Polk, Hillsborough, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto Counties

3PR is a community of concerned citizens whose lives are, or will be, affected by phosphate strip mining in Central Florida. We are concerned about the effects on our health, water resources, quality of life and environmental integrity. Our members come from all parts of Florida, not just the Heartland, because this problem affects everyone.

We must end the damage and pollution to our land, water, and air. We have to make the full truth of phosphate strip mining known. We have to make it known to our regulating agencies, local, state and federal government, and the public, that we have a right to live without the degradation of our communities and environment and the threat to our health by phosphate strip mining.

Economic development and conservation can coexist if we preserve the natural beauty that is still fairly abundant in our interior counties. 3PR believes that long term, the quality of life and the health of the area’s economy depends on unspoiled rural lands.  Phosphate strip mining is not consistent with this vision. We owe it to our future generations to keep the Peace River Heartland intact, functioning, and as diverse as we have it now.


Our Vision

  • To maintain the quality of life that brought us to this rural area.
  • To see land preserved in public ownership, especially along the Horse Creek corridor.
  • To keep clay waste disposal areas out of our counties.
  • To see our soils remain intact and our aquifers functioning as nature intended.
  • To be free of the danger of harmful pollutants left in the ground and aquifer after phosphate mining.
  • To see the beauty of our unique natural world left for our future generations to see and appreciate, complete with all species of plants and animals.
  • To create a panther preserve in Hardee and Desoto Counties.
  • In essence we want to preserve the integrity of our lands and the tranquility of our lives here in the Peace River Heartland.

Our Mission

People for Protecting Peace River is a group of concerned citizens that that have formed to educate the public of the extraordinary value of the natural and agricultural lands of the Peace and Myakka River watersheds. The goal of 3PR is to end the damage being done by phosphate strip mining and to promote a superior quality of life in the Peace River Heartland.

Our Name

The name 3PR comes straight out of the group’s name: People for Protecting Peace River.  3 P’s and 1 R. Simple and much easier to say.